About US

Irrespective to what business you do or which product you sell, one thing is common in every business, you need Quality Leads. Social Media, Online and all other Digital Platforms are the best source finding prospective customers.

LeadsArk, the brainchild of the Leading Online Business Consultant and Coach Ayaz Mohammad, is an e-learning platform to teach how you can generate Highly Qualified Leads through Online Platforms for your Online Business.

The LeadsArk started with one goal in mind: to generate real online results for young and aspiring Online Business Entrepreneurs with a complete and comprehensive platform. The Platform’s goal was very clear “to transform the lives of these Entrepreneurs by empowering them with the quality knowledge, skills and strategies to get the best of the best results in online business.  

Ayaz Mohammad, is the Leading Online Business Coach and have trained more than 25,000 Entrepreneurs across the world helping them to build their online business right from the scratch.

It is Ayaz Mohammad's dreams of creating more than 1 Million Online Business Entrepreneurs in India by 2025.

An exponentially growing number of competitors, spammers, and unbelievably expensive marketing cost were making things hard for entrepreneurs to have real results online. That’s why Ayaz created this LeadsArk Platform to empower Online Business Entrepreneurs to get the real results at very affordable cost.